Corona virus: Cameroonian finds cure? Can it be true?

A Cameroonian claims he has found a cure for the corona virus. Who believes him?

I listened to him. But do not have a way to bring his voice here; but it’s on social media.

Speaking in French he says five leaves of aloe vera are enough. You harvest them; chop them up into pieces; of course, after you have washed them very well. Soak them in three litres of water and keep for 24 hours. After that you take 1/2 a glass twice daily, and if you are not yet infected, 1/2 a glass daily as prophelaxis.

Who thinks this can work? Is it a solution or a scam l?

We are used to getting lots of false prophets at moments like these and do not know who to believe.

Mind you! I do not say he is one of them. I am just wondering aloud if it can work.

Have we found our way? Or better still, has a solution been found?

Well, if you find yourself in a position where you find no help, why not give it a try.

Someone earlier came up with garlic as a solution. Now, its aloe vera? What next? Maybe there is already a third and a fourth and a fifth.

Tell me what you think.

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