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God’s grace is sufficient

We go to the Lord our God,
In the name of the Father,
And of the Son
And of the Holy Spirit;
On this day He offers to us,
As we trudge our way
Through the huge swells
And gusty winds
Of the stormy oceans
Of corona virus;
His voice calls out to us;
He commands us to love him,
And to love fellow humans,
As he loves us;
He wants us to give to Him
As He gives to others;
And as he has given
And continues to give to us;
He wants us to be humble
As our Lord Jesus Christ
Was humble until death
At Golgotha;
He wants us to be pure,
As Mother Mary was pure;
He wants us to be just,
As St. Joseph was just;
He wants us to be holy
As many faithful servants,
Who have been called home,
Who were holy here on earth;
He wants us to be prayerful
And so deeply to pray,
Each time we commune with Him,
As did our Lord and saviour,
The night he was betrayed;
When he took bread, broke it,
And looking up to heaven,
Gave Him thanks;
He wants us to love Him
With all our hearts;
As His only Begotten Son
Loved us,
And died for us on the cross,
At the end of his torturous journey on the road to Calvary;
Despite our unworthiness.
He wants us to be honest
And faithful to him
As a dog to its master
All the days of our lives.
We pray Him, as Lord,
To grant us the grace
To do as He wants;
To be as He wants us to be;
Which on our own we cannot.
His grace is sufficient.

Know the Catechism of the Catholic Church Paragraph 29

Know Catholic teaching and be proud to be a Catholic.

1. The desire for God

Dear Reader, you are requested to take a look again at paragraph 28 before you delve into paragraph 29 because 29 flows from 28:


CCC Paragraph 29: But this “intimate and vital bond of man to God” (GS 19,1) can be forgotten, overlooked, or even explicitly rejected by man. (Vatican Council II. GS19#1)

Such attitudes can have different causes: revolt against evil in the world; religious ignorance or indifference; the cares and riches of this world; the scandal of bad example on the part of believers; currents of thought hostile to religion; finally, that attitude of sinful man which makes him hide from God out of fear and flee Hus call.

(Cf. GS 19-21; Mt.13:22; Gen.3:8-10; Jon 1:3) END.

(Knowledge is power. As a Proud Catholic, equip yourself with knowledge of the Catholic Faith. Then you can practice with conviction and speak about it boldly and confidently.)

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Invoke the name of Jesus day 9

Day 9:

Response: In the name of Jesus.

  1. We pray that the spread of corona virus may end.
  2. We pray that all those who are sick of corona virus disease may get well.
  3. We pray that the measures being put in place to end this deadly virus may produce the desired results.
  4. We pray for all the Doctors and care givers who are taking care of covid 19 patients that they may be safe.
  5. We pray O Lord, that we may be safe from this corona virus.We
  6. W pray O Lord, that we may all be protected
  7. We pray that all those who are sick will be well.
  8. We pray for a cure to be found for the corona virus.
  9. We pray O Lord, that all children may be spared.
  10. We pray Mighty God, that this corona virus pandemic may disappear from the world just as fast as it came.
  11. We pray that this evil virus should not reach all those who turn to your son Jesus.
  12. We pray for all families. That you spare all the families that are crying to you from any harm.
  13. We pray that all hospitals and care units taking care of patients of corona virus may have enough supplies to take care of the sick.
  14. We pray that the air in our land may remain pure for all without contamination by corona virus.
  15. We for all our friends and all our neighbours and colleagues to be safe from corona virus.
  16. We pray that no one again will die be it here or elsewhere, from the cold hands of this dreadful disease called corona virus.
  17. With one voice, we declare an end to this deadly corona virus.
  18. We declare that the harm already caused is more than enough and we don’t want any more.
  19. We pray O God that you give us reason to sing joyfully songs again to mark the end of the killer virus.
  20. We declare O Lord, let Corona virus go.
  21. We pray for this monster to vanish.
  22. We pray for glorious days to come again to us.
  23. We declare that we shall celebrate the end of corona virus not long from now.
  24. We pray that the choir of angels will soon sing songs of victory as we shall conquer this devilish virus.
  25. We declare with gulk conviction that covid 19 must go and we shall all be happy.

The response is: Free us Jesus.

  1. From the deadly corona virus. From all fears about the corona virus.
  2. From all worries about the corona virus.
  3. From all stresses from the corona virus.
  4. From all sorrows from the corona virus.
  5. From all losses that can come from the corona virus.
  6. From all evil thoughts that the corona virus can put in our minds.

The response is: In the mighty name of Jesus.

  1. We pray O Lord, that we may learn all the lessons that thus corona virus pandemic has for us.
  2. We pray that this corona virus may make us love you more.
  3. We pray that thus corona virus may draw us closer to you.
  4. We pray O Jesus, that this corona virus may make us note prayerful.
  5. We pray O God, that this corona virus may draw us closer to your word so that it becomes an integral part of our lives.
  6. We pray O Lord, that from this corona virus we may learn that earthly wealth like money and property are not what matters in life.
  7. We pray that we may become humble like our Mother Mary and her husband Joseph.
  8. We pray for peace to reign in our hearts.
  9. We pray that this corona virus may teach us to love our neighbour as you command us to do.
  10. We pray that this corona virus may strengthen bonds of love, understanding and harmony in our families.
  11. We pray that this corona virus may make us see the need to live together, and work together, in peace and harmony respecting one another’s rights and ensuring justice for all.

We thank you Lord for keeping us alive. We pledge our loyalty to you and pray for your grace to remain faithful to you all the days of our lives.

We make our prayer through Christ our Lord, Amen!


Dear brothers and sisters in Christ. We have been invoking the name of Jesus for nine days changing tge words daily.

Today’s prayer is what we will continue to pray daily until this terrible disease leaves us.

May our invocation of the most powerful name of Jesus bear us the fruits we hunger for!

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Are we really Serious?

Are we really serious? I have serious doubts about that.

Many of us do not seem to be serious concerning Covid19. It is of paramount importance that we become serious. We have to know our priorities.

Your life ought to be a big priority to you. In fact, it ought to be your priority of priorities.

But what do we see?

People drinking and socialising, disregarding prescribed measures to protect themselves from the coronavirus pandemic and prevent its spread.

What irresponsibility!

There are people who insist on operating their drinking places, eating houses, market places, without taking safety measures.

That is the peak of irresponsibility which ought not to unpunished.

Behaving irresponsibly vis-à-vis this corona virus killer disease can land one and other people into a pool of boiling oil.

Only a fool can see a lion’s open mouth and put his head in it.

Corona virus is a deadly disease that kills mercilessly.

Exposing oneself to it is like putting one’s head in a hungry lion’s mouth.

Look at the statistics!

The number of patients in the world has gone up to 1.153.287.

Thenumber of deaths stands at 61.663 while 240,194 have recovered.

These statistics are crushing and what is more, they keep rising. The wheel keeps turning. They keep going up the ladder.

This is because many people are stubborn or damn stupid.

They pay little or no heed to the safety measures which are the only antidote so far and which have become more or less a sing song.

Read this story and tell me how you feel:

The wife of Commissioner Yogo arrives from Paris, where she has been vacationing, on an Air France flight. She is quarantined in a hotel in the city of Douala.

Mr. Yogo, a six star Commissioner of Police is her husband who spares no opportunity to use the power he commands.

After a phone call from his wife, he hurries to the hotel, exerts his power and gets her out of there. The two spouses go home.

A few days later, the woman begins to cough. Commissioner Yogo drives her to hospital.

During the diagnosis, the doctor asks if she has recently traveled to Europe. She says no.

He asks if she has been in contact with a person returning from Europe. She says no. In short, she denies everything she has done.

The doctor concludes she has a simple cough and makes a prescription for that effect.

Two days later, she returns to hospital with a more worrisome condition, accompanied by her husband.

She is taken for a few routine examinations and hospitalized. The results of the samples are negative.

She is not sampled for the COVID 19 test, though, because the analysis is done in Yaoundé and Douala.

However, it is suspected that she is infected by the corona virus, because she has all the symptoms.

Again she is asked if she had just returned from Europe or had been in contact with someone coming from there.

She reiterates her denial of the truth.

Sadly, her condition deteriorates and she is taken to the intensive care unit where she is put on respiratory assistance.

Madame bursts into tears and begs, with all her energy, that her life and that of her husband be saved. She confesses.

The hospital authorities contact Laquintini hospital. While waiting for the ambulance, Commissioner Yogo, who has been coughing but hiding it suffers respiratory distress.

He and his wife are both taken urgently to Laquintini hospital.

They both die one after the other leaving behind many potential victims, ranging from hospital staff to their families, and friends who, without suspicion, had been in contact with them.

Before this happened there was a gentleman who had arrived from Italy and fled quarantine to find his family. He contaminated them all – six people in addition to himself.

Another case was Patrick Mboma’s recently deceased uncle who paid the price of accommodating two ladies who came from Europe and who had also been infected.

Dear readers, this is about your life and the lives of the people around you. This is not a game. These irresponsible attitudes will not spare you.

Denounce all those around you who have fled quarantine instead of stupidly “protecting” them or showing hospitality that will go with your life.

Stay at home;
Wash your hands regularly,
Refuse visits,
Pay attention to your body.

We do not pay attention to our lives. We think if we pray and only pray, everything will work out.

Do you think you are so special that if you do not protect yourself and run into someone who has it you will go free?

Do you think God loves you so much that weather you protect yourself or not, he will protect you?

Do you think God loves you more than all the over one million patients and 61.663 people who have died?

You have to be realistic. God loves us all and wants us to live our full span of life.

But if you do the wrong things, if you are careless with your life, surely you will not live that full span of life.

You will cut your life short. It will be your fault. Do not say it is God who has allowed it to happen.

God does not allow evil to befall anyone.

Neither will he protect you from harm if you expose yourself to harm.

It is true that our protection comes from God. The fact is, God has already protected us. We are born protected. But we can either make use of that gift or waste it.

How has God already protected us?

By equipping us with the necessary tools to use to protect ourselves as we journey through life.

These tools include our brain; our mind; our intelligence; our intuitive powers otherwise called our sixth sense our energy.

It is through these faculties or senses that we acquire the grace of knowing him, and the Spirit of praying to him.

He has given us control over these tools and all is for us to use them. If we fail to use them to protect our lives, and something happens, let us not say it’s God who has allowed it to happen.

When we pray for God’s protection, what we actually need from God is his guidance so we draw from the resources he has already given us for our protection.

God is always doing it. He is always on our side. But when he talks to us, we don’t listen.

He gives us the rules that will keep us safe, we don’t respect them.

He gives us leaders, we don’t listen to them.

I know you will say we should not listen to bad leaders. But the leaders I am talking about here are spiritual leaders.

When I got to Church today, I was shocked to find people who had come for Mass in defiance of the decision to have only 50 persons in Church in accordance with the law.

That decision to limit the number of people at any given occasion to 50 persons was taken by the Government , reechoed by the Archbishop and the Parish Priest.

It was embarrassing to find people outside the selected persons trying to force their way into Church.

I had a hard time convincing them to go home. In fact, many did not go home.

The question I asked was whether they did not know that the measure to suspend daily Masses and limit the number of participants for the Holy Week ceremonies was for the safety of all.

By the way, as good Christians, are we not supposed to obey our Parish Priest and Bishop?

Are we claiming to be more Catholic than our Parish Priest and the Archbishop who took the decision?

See the figures of the corona virus affected persons climbing.

We must be serious. We have to be serious. Of course, weather we like it or not, we will see that we have to be serious otherwise we will face the bitter truth of “had I known”; which as we know very well, is always a brother to Mr. Too late.

Let us be serious. This is a time to be serious.

Let us pray for all of us that we should not take this corona virus issue as child’s play. That we all become conscious of the stakes and do what is required of us.

Latest corona virus updates in the world

Touch anywhere on the map to get updates on that country. It’s quite amazing.


Let us stay on our knees. God will help us; but we must ask and we shall receive; seek and we shall find; knock, and the door will be open to us. (Matthew 7:7)

Let us join the world to pray: